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Fishing Trips on The Salmon River

Fox Hollow Salmon River Lodge: The Only Stop You Need To Make

Many of the best Salmon River fishing guides and Lake Ontario fishing captains book rooms for their customers at Fox Hollow Lodge.

 The Salmon River has great summer fishing for small mouth bass, and some great walleye fishing not far from Fox Hollow!

Maybe you are coming to the Salmon River to try your luck at Salmon Fishing? Maybe you are coming during the summer and would like to try a day of charter fishing on Lake Ontario? Maybe you have been coming to this region for many years, without much fishing success? Maybe this is the year that you are finally going to try to catch a steelhead? Or maybe you are just looking for a relaxing family day of fishing on the lake or Salmon River?

Whatever the case, we can help you. We are constantly working with drift boat guides, charter captains, fly fishing guides and light tackle guides. Whether you are a veteran fisherman looking for a new guide, a fly fisherman looking for a quality experience or a father/son team looking for the perfect charter captain — we can help you.

The only stop
you need to make!

Fox Hollow Lodge on the Salmon River is just what you’ve been looking for. We’re happy to take your call!